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The F1000 was purposely designed and built by Falcon Drilling for use at remote drilling sites accessible only by helicopter.  It can be quickly taken apart and moved by helicopter from one site to another.  This minimizes the environmental impact as well as reducing site reclamation requirements and costs.
The F1000 is a hydraulically driven drill powered by a four cylinder diesel engine that provides maximum fuel efficiency.  It is equipped with a five foot head stroke for improved productivity and core recovery.  The drill is very versatile and can be mounted on skids, truck or an all-terrain vehicle.


F1000 helicopter portable drill during drilling operations in Alaska.

Typical Depth Capabilities

This table indicates what depths can be achieved under good ground and environmental drilling conditions.  Depths may vary according to local conditions.

Drill Bit TypeCore DiameterDepth
B1.432"/36.5mm450 mtr
BTW1.654"/42mm450 mtr

Drill Rig Weight

To enable our clients to assess the suitability of the F1000 with regards to transporting various modules the following table provides details of the weights of each component.

ComponentWeight Lbs.Weight Kgs.
4 cylinder Engine1138516
Hydraulic Pack1058479
Feed Frame Base with wire line winch &1000' cable601272
Feed Frame with F1000 Head955433
Hyd Pressure Pump - Brahma236107
Hyd. Mud Mixer-Small3516
F1000 Head228103
Supply Pump 4LD Lombardini or
Supply Pump 6LD Lombardini

F1000 drill images - all locations, all configurations.

An F1000 prior to deployment from our Hermosillo office.
A helicopter supported F1000 drilling in Alaska