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Larger than the F1000, the F3000 is generally supplied as a skid mounted drill but is also provided as a fly drill assembly which is easily disassembled and moved with a helicopter from one site to another.  Again, the design focus was based upon versatility, protection of the environment and reduced reclamation costs.  The F3000 can also be skid mounted or truck mounted for year round operations in any climate. 

The F3000 drill is hydraulically driven and can be powered by either a four cylinder engine for fly applications or a six cylinder engine for skid jobs to maximize productivity at greater depths.  The drill has a five foot head stroke maximize production and core recovery.

Burkina Faso F3000 arriving on site prior to setup and drilling.

Typical Depth Capabilities

This table indicates what depths can be achieved under good ground and environmental drilling conditions.  Depths may vary according to local conditions.

Drill Bit TypeCore DiameterDepth
B1.432"/36.5mm1200 mtr
BTW1.654"/ 42 mm1200 mtr
N1.875"/ 47.6mm1000 mtr
NTW2.205"/56.0mm1000 mtr
H2.50"/ 63.5 mm600 mtr

F3000 drill - all locations and configurations.

Helicopter assisted F3000 drill move in Western Canada.
F3000 drill relocation to new drill site in Burkina Faso.
An F3000 during drilling operations in Burkina Faso.
Canadian built F3000 fly drill prior to final testing and deployment
Canadian built F3000 fly drill prior to final testing and deployment
Canadian built F3000 head assembly with safety guards installed - prior to final testing.
F3000 fly drill prior to testing and deployment.