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Global experience in diamond drilling.


The F6000 was designed and built for Falcon Drilling for deep hole exploration.  The drill is equipped with a 10 foot stoke for maximum productivity and core recovery.  The F6000 is mounted on tracks which allow it to move quickly from site to site with minimal ground disturbance and environmental impact.

F6000 on site in Nevada.

Typical Depth Capabilities

This table indicates what depths can be achieved under good ground and environmental drilling conditions.  Depths may vary according to local conditions.

Drill Bit TypeCore DiameterDepth
N1.875"/ 47.6mm1800 mtr
H2.50"/ 63.5 mm1400 mtr
P3.345"/85 mm850 mtr

The deep hole F6000 tracked drill.

F6000 after final configuration and prior to initial deployment in Canada.
An F6000 drilling in Nevada.