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Global experience in diamond drilling.

Falcon Drilling Inc - USA

Falcon Drilling Inc. is the USA incorporated division of Falcon Drilling Ltd. Strategically located in Carson City, Nevada. Falcon Drilling Inc. provides responsive services to mining companies throughout the United States. Having extensive international drilling experience we can provide quality drilling services in all environments, from the hot desert areas in Arizona to the harsh winter conditions in Alaska.

Our specially manufactured drills are designed to suit a variety of different objectives including transportation, maneuverability, and environmental impact.  In house manufacturing and quality control ensures maximum reliability for our customers.

We provide a complement of proven drills designed and manufactured to suit a variety of different objectives.  Our self-propelled track mounted drills allow quick maneuverability in rough terrain locations.  Truck mounted drills allow quick access using local highways as well as increasing on site mobility.  We also provide drills specifically designed to be disassembled for relocation with a helicopter.

Drill Support.
All of our drills carry a large complement of major equipment components as well as regular maintenance components and parts for support.   Our in house manufacturing guaranties quality and maximum reliability.  It also allows us to modify drills to suit a client's particular requirements e.g the F3000.




The F1000 was purposely designed and built by Falcon Drilling for use at remote drilling sites accessible only by helicopter.  It can be quickly taken apart and moved by helicopter from one site to another.  This minimizes the environmental... more

F1000 helicopter portable drill during drilling operations in Alaska.

Larger than the F1000, the F3000 is generally supplied as a skid mounted drill but is also provided as a fly drill assembly which is easily disassembled and moved with a helicopter from one site to another.  Again, the design focus was based upon... more

Burkina Faso F3000 arriving on site prior to setup and drilling.

The F5000 was designed and built for Falcon Drilling for deep hole exploration. The drill is mounted on a hydraulically supported self-levelling drill shack and is equipped with a 10 foot stroke for maximum productivity and core recovery.  The... more

F5000 drill prior to deployment to field operations.

The F6000 was designed and built for Falcon Drilling for deep hole exploration.  The drill is equipped with a 10 foot stoke for maximum productivity and core recovery.  The F6000 is mounted on tracks which allow it to move quickly from site to... more

F6000 on site in Nevada.
Supply Pumps

We have several models and sizes of water supply pumps, giving us the ability to pump long distances with maximum lift capacity.
All of our pumps are mounted on steel frames and positioned within containment trays for environmental... more

Support Equipment

The equipment listed in this section represents a cross section of that available at specific locations.  The operators that we provide are trained and certified to operate these machines.  For particular equipment requirements at the site of... more

D6 making pad access roads in B.C.
We strive to protect our environment.

Safety Practices.

All of Falcon Drilling's operations are governed by our corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Program and Policy manuals.  Our Health and Safety goal is to eliminate work related accidents, injuries and illnesses and promote health and safety in every client related task.  Falcon Drilling Inc.'s Health, Safety & Environmental Policy meets or exceeds industry standards. Falcon Safety Management System complies with the requirements of ANSI-Z10, OSHA and MSHA safety standards. Our Branch Manager and our Health, Safety and Environmental Specialist are certified MSHA Instructors of Title 30 CFR 48B for the training of surface miners.

Falcon's Safety Training is continually enhanced based upon suggestions from employees and field working conditions.

All Falcon employees are trained in these Safety Programs and are required to comply with the principles stated therein.

 Environmental Practices.

Falcon Drilling adheres to all local environmental requirements.  We ensure these requirements are met to the highest standard through the development of environmental work plans which follow the four principles of our environmental management program "Prevention, Compliance, Conservation and Restoration".

Falcon Drilling and any sub-contractors employed by us shall conduct operations in such a way as to minimize impact upon the natural environment and comply with all laws, agreements and rules applicable to the protection of the environment.  Our drills have been designed to have minimal impact at the drill sites. In addition, we use double walled fuel tanks and provide spill containment under all fuel containers, pumps, and engines to ensure that we do not have any oil or fuel spills. We also provide spill kits at all drill sites as a secondary precaution for immediate cleanup of any accidental spills.






An F3000 in winter conditions on the Estelle project.
An F3000 drilling at the Estelle project in Alaska.
An F1000 drilling in Alaska.
An F3000 operating in Alaska.
A deep hole capable F6000 drilling in Nevada.

Drill Equipment and Field Operations.

All weather truck mounted F3000 drill.
All weather F6000 deep hole self propelled drill being moved by remote control.
Field support equipment including high capacity trailer mounted mud tank, F3000 drill, F6000 drill and various vehicles.
F6000 and F3000 mobile drills and trailer mounted high capacity mud tank.
Safety compliance inspection in progress on the F3000 mobile all weather drill.

Logistics and Support

Alaskan drilling operation mobilization process.
Carson City office and support facility with several field support vehicles.