Boulevard Garcia Morales #902
C/ Helicoptero, 
Colonia La Manga, C.P. 83220,
Hermosillo, Sonora,  Mexico.
Phone: 011 52 662 207 2400, 
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Global experience in diamond drilling.

Falcon Perforaciones Mexico S.A. de C.V.

The Mexican office was established by Falcon Drilling in 2007 in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora with the primary objective of bringing new and more efficient drilling techniques to the Mexican mining exploration industry.   Today Falcon Drilling offers a full range of diamond drilling services in Mexico, including shallow and deep hole drilling, truck and track mounted drills for efficient transportation and helicopter portable drills that offer access to remote sites.  Mr. Eli Tennant is the Managing Director and Mrs. Brenda Carranza is General Manager exercising control over all local operations. 


The F1000 was purposely designed and built by Falcon Drilling for use at remote drilling sites accessible only by helicopter.  It can be quickly taken apart and moved by helicopter from one site to another.  This minimizes the environmental... more

F1000 helicopter portable drill during drilling operations in Alaska.

The F1500 was developed and built by Falcon Perforaciones Mexico in response to the need for a helicopter transportable drill with deeper drilling capability than the F1000.  In addition to drilling deeper it is also able to use N and NTW sized... more

An F1500 drill operating at altitude in Mexico.

Larger than the F1000, the F3000 is generally supplied as a skid mounted drill but is also provided as a fly drill assembly which is easily disassembled and moved with a helicopter from one site to another.  Again, the design focus was based upon... more

Burkina Faso F3000 arriving on site prior to setup and drilling.
Supply Pumps

We have several models and sizes of water supply pumps, giving us the ability to pump long distances with maximum lift capacity.
All of our pumps are mounted on steel frames and positioned within containment trays for environmental... more

Support Equipment

The equipment listed in this section represents a cross section of that available at specific locations.  The operators that we provide are trained and certified to operate these machines.  For particular equipment requirements at the site of... more

D6 making pad access roads in B.C.
On site Safety training session in Mexico.

Health and Safety Objective.

All of Falcon Drilling’s operations are governed by our corporate Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) program and policy manuals. Our health and safety goal is to eliminate work related accidents, injuries and illness, and promote health and safety in every client related task. Our HS& E program includes inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practices and control health hazards. Falcon Drilling also promotes a Safety Incentive program encouraging the active participation of all employees.


There are many instances where local conditions warrant site specific safety requirements e.g. high temperature working conditions, wildlife considerations, extreme cold, low water availability. These specific conditions are controlled through management supervision, pre-job site hazard assessments and safe work practices implemented to minimize hazards.


Regional safety training courses are conducted to ensure employees use safe working practices and are aware of the risks and mitigation measures applicable to regional conditions. Qualified instructors conduct our training programs.


Falcon Drilling adheres to all local environmental requirements. We ensure these requirements are met to the highest standard through the development of environmental work plans which follow the four principles our environmental management program “Prevention, Compliance, Conservation and Restoration”.


Heli portable F3000 rig drilling deep holes on an inaccessible site at Chihuahua, Mexico

Safety & Environmental.

Safety system familiarization on a new F3000 mobile drill.
On site Safety Training course during drilling operations in Mexico.

Drilling Equipment & Field Operations

An F1000 being readied for deployment to field operation.

Logistics & Support

Mexico regional office and Maintenance center - Hermosillo.

Fabrication & Maintenance

Locally fabricated mobile F3000 drill rig and safety systems.
Part of fabrication and maintenance shop in Hermosillo.

Community Involvement.

Field support crew are hired from local labour pool whenever possible.