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We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to those of our valued clients who have been kind enough to provide us with testimonials.  We strive to please all of our customers and hope that our efforts enhance the value of their projects.  Throughout our company history we have endeavoured to provide cost effective, efficient drilling services and we appreciate our clients expressing their thanks.  It is our pleasure to quote some of these testimonials below.

Falcon Drilling Ltd. - Canada

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Falcon Drilling as a diamond drilling contractor of choice.
I have used Falcon in three different jurisdictions (Jalisco State, Mexico; British Columbia, Canada; and Nevada, USA) over the past four years and have been impressed by the company’s organization, skill-set, effort, and efficiency to get the job completed on schedule and on-budget.

My most recent project was in Nevada, where Falcon christened a new track–mounted drill. The drill required a few minor adjustments once up and operating in the field. Robert Hansen and his crew quickly and effectively made the adjustments and drilling progressed with excellent production and core recovery for the duration of the program.
In summary, Falcon Drilling is a company that I will readily contact for a drill program of any scope.


Bob Lane, M.Sc., P.Geo. Plateau Minerals Corp.


In my capacity as Vice President of Explorations for a number of past and present TSX listed Junior Resource exploration companies (CalpineResources, Adrian Resources, Madison Minerals, Maracote Resources and Oromin Explorations), I have had the good fortune of working with the dedicated and highly-professional management and personnel of Falcon Drilling for nearly twenty years. During this time, I have worked closely with Falcon on numerous drilling projects, many of which were helicopter supported. These helicopter-drilling operations were located in some extremely remote and geographically-topographically challenging areas, including: extreme winter conditions of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia (Eskay Creek- CalpineResources), lush rainforest of Central Panama (Petaquilla - Adrian Resources), jungle highlands of Papua New Guinea (Mt. Kare - Madison Minerals), precipitous topography of Peruvian Andes (Halley- Maracote Resources) and, the present non-helicopter operations in the sub-Saharan desert of eastern Senegal (Sabodala - Oromin Explorations). Through all of these multi-drill operations the professional standards and high levels of operational safety standards displayed by the entire Falcon Drilling team has been exemplary. Falcon's vast experience in working on helicopter-supported programs not only provides a very high-standard of productivity while utilizing better than industry-standard safety practices, but is done in a very cost­ effective, cost-saving fashion.
Additionally, Falcon's drills have been designed and engineered specifically for helicopter-supported programs which greatly reduces helicopter moving and set-up times. Should you require any additional comments or background related to my involvement in working together with Falcon Drilling over the past many years and world-class Projects, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Yours truly,

David W. Mallo
Vice President ExplorationsOromin Explorations Ltd.



On behalf of Xstrata Copper, we are enclosing a token of our appreciation for your contribution towards Xstrata Copper's achievement of reaching 3 years with no reportable accidents as of July 2011.  Your safe work ethic and environment has enabled us to reach this goal.  Xstrata appreciates your effort and please accept our sincerest gratitude for the superior job you are doing in making every day a safe day!

Management and Staff of Xstrata Copper Exploration.


Falcon Drilling Burkina Faso SARL

I have been a client of Falcon Drilling for over 30 years now as either a project manager or as project financier. I have always found them to provide superior performance.  They specialize in difficult jobs and their success appears to be in their on site management. 

Robert Sibthorpe B.Sc. (Geol), MBA


Falcon Perforaciones Mexico S.A. de C.V.

We have worked with Falcon drilling on several important projects and have always appreciated their commitment to providing superior service. Ongoing project management during drilling allows Falcon to improve key production factors including core recovery and achieving target depths during drilling. A commitment to site safety and environmental controls makes Falcon a good partner for drilling in any community and environment.

Henry Marsden
General Manager
Paget Southern Resources 


Falcon Drilling Mongolia LLC

Received from CENTERRA GOLD Inc. a thank you note on being part of a major strike on their ATOproject located in the East of Mongolia.

From: Boris Kotlyar.
Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 2:10 PM

Dear Friends:
Please find on the Centerra Gold Inc website press release on the ATO project:


Congratulations to you and many thanks for your help and support to make it happened.

Boris Kotlyar
Regional Exploration Manager



: Received from Erdene Resources regarding ongoing HSEC inspection at the jobsite.

From: Jon Lyons.
Sent: September-24-11 7:16 AM

Subject: RE: HSEC inspection, 14Sep2011

Falcon has consistently performed above average on each of our HSEC inspections this year. Moreover, you and your colleagues have made considerable progress in implementing the improvements we proposed.


Falcon Drilling Inc - USA

Gibler Geotechnical Consulting, Inc. (GGCI) proudly recommends Falcon Drilling Inc. Falcon Drilling has provided safe, dependable and professional diamond drilling services during the 2012 exploration season in the Southwestern Alaska Range (Millrock Resources: Estelle Project). 
They drilled nine holes and 4,500 feet of helicopter supported BTW and NQ core in less than one month. 
This was accomplished in extreme terrain and under hazardous environmental conditions.

Falcon demonstrated their commitment to the highest standards of safety by placing guards around all rotating equipment and by holding rig safety meetings each day. Everyone was encouraged to speak up. Drill sites were kept clean, neat and free of slip and trip hazards. 
The thoughtful leadership of the drill foreman and safety manager combined with active participation of drilling crews in safety resulted in zero drilling incidents during 2012.

Falcon is committed to excellent customer service and performance. During their work at the Estelle project they planned ahead for every conceivable contingency. This practice resulted in increased production and diminished down time. Equipment was well maintained and rig support was excellent. Falcon’s foreman, drillers and helpers joined together with GGC’s exploration manager and support crew to develop innovative solutions to tough drilling problems. 

This contributed to an extremely successful drilling season with reduced total drilling costs. GGC hopes to work with Falcon Drilling Inc. again in 2013 and highly recommends this company.

Best Regards,

Kati Gibler

Project Manager: Millrock Estelle Project
Principle Geologist, Gibler Geotechnical Consulting, inc.


As Senior Exploration Geologist for Kiska Metals on their Island Mountain Project in the central Alaska Range during the 2011 summer field season, I highly recommend Falcon Drilling.

I do not know of another drilling company that could have performed as well as Falcon given the extremes of conditions and circumstances. During the 2011 exploration season, Falcon drilled in excess of 26,000 feet using three flyrigs in some of the most difficult terrain (steep to swampy) in less than four months that extended into mid-October and early winter conditions. This may not seem like much footage until you realize that the "grid program" required them to mob/demob a single fly rig every day for a month so that they could operate productively all night long.  A new drillhole everyday, thirty to fifty feet of overburden to tricone through every night and they still they averaged just under 200 feet/hole/day, it was a grueling task.  The design of their F1000 flyrig, the dedication of their crews and an excellent helicopter pilot are the only reasons the grid program was a success.

When asked to supply a third rig and two more crews mid-season, they gladly took on the challenge, requiring extra efforts and more involvement by their superintendents until the new crews were sufficiently trained. When asked at the last minute to extend the season another month, crews that were looking forward to going home, gladly stayed-on to drill the last six holes. Pushing the central Alaska summer season into mid-October forced Falcon to rethink water delivery up the 1500 foot slope, providing active freeze protection and emergency drainage to avoid delays due to frozen water lines. These are but a few of the examples of Falcon's efforts to work within strict operational and safety guidelines while the exploration program was in constant flux.

The entire Falcon Drilling Company is sound from the design of their fly rigs, to an actively involved owner, efficient management and experienced and productive drill crews. I whole-heartedly recommend Falcon, especially if the drilling task is considered difficult. They will get the job done!


Scott McKeag

District Geologist.